Friday, May 23, 2014

Bird Watching

Yipes! The Evil Eye

There are at least three pairs of birds nesting in the tall blue spruce outside my study window, and I'm thinking there may be more, likely drawn to the tree for its protective cover and its proximity to a fine local diner, 'Gord's Red Feeder'.

The first two pairs - cardinals and robins - I like.

The third - blackbirds - the jury is still out. I say now, they are pretty birds, but I don't like how they look at me! What, I owe them a free lunch or else?

Tell me what you think about blackbirds. Beauties? Beasts? Somewhere in between?

["Keep the sunflower seeds coming, Gord, and I'll stay all year"]

According to my favourite online 'bird site', this bird usually lives and breeds farther west than London, Ontario. Maybe he'll grow on me.

Learn more about Brewer's Blackbird at Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

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