Wednesday, May 28, 2014

East Coast

Raring to Go

News update.

While planning for my trip to PEI and Halifax, starting Monday June 9, I've experienced ups and downs.

Downs: 'Skweeks House' and private hostel is not open for business in Kingston anymore. Stink. It was so close to the downtown. Ups: I have settled instead for a dorm room at Queens University at almost three times the price. But I'm still going to Kingston and can still walk downtown for supper.

I have my schedule and itinerary set for June 9 - 26 (see top photo). And I've almost finished the job of printing off maps and confirmation sheets for each town and hostel/Airbnb home in which I'll be staying (second photo). My route to the East Coast in June will be almost the same as it was in 2010, so, with even just a few minor variations - to see dozens of 'new' small towns, to take 100s of 'new' photos - I can almost guarantee I'll have an excellent ride and meet dozens of interesting people.

As well as seeing my oldest sister's new farm and forest in PEI - top priority! - I have several specific, important places to visit in Halifax and Ottawa connected to my Dad's Navy days. Why, the hike to the spot on Pennant Point where I tossed a wooden boat filled with his ashes into the Atlantic in 2010 (cremated remains) will be worth the trip to Halifax alone.

Though there is still more planning and packing to do, the trip is ' a go' and taking shape, and I'm getting pretty excited about it.  

Photos from East Coast 2010

["This wooden boat is on its way to Scotland, via Gulf Stream"]

["Photo taken from my hostel in Trois Riviere. Looks like the hostel"]

["I travelled many miles along south shore the St. Lawrence R."]

["Book rooms well ahead. You never know what's left!"]

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