Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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Mrs. K.'s 'New' Birdhouse

Bushy-tailed squirrels - maybe bushwhackers - did a lot of damage to Mrs. K.'s birdhouse but I fixed 'er up. While I re-attached it to its stand (in a Byron backyard), a female song sparrow landed atop a small tree less than 10 feet from where I worked.

["Mr. K. was a golfer, so he liked the three perches"]

She gave me a look. She gave the birdhouse a look.

"You may have birds nesting in here even before I'm done," I said to Mrs. K. and her husband, who were sitting in comfortable lounge chairs outside the back door of their house.

I was almost right. A male sparrow joined its mate and together the pair of birds waited for me to attach four screws and walk a few steps away before they flew toward and landed atop the (perhaps familiar) triplex. They checked out the apartments, by peeking inside, then entering and exiting each one. They seemed to discuss the pros and cons of each one before settling on the middle and largest unit.

Both sets of homeowners were delighted with the BH repairs. While I talked to the one, the other slipped inside their favourite unit, likely measuring for curtains.

"We really missed our birds," said Mrs. K. as she watched the active sparrows.

I gave a thumbs up, said my good-byes and returned to my car. I thought, birdhouse repair has a definite up side.

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