Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Motorcycle Miles

Men on Motorcycles Drinking Coffee

Tuesday, May 12

A TV report called for rain, and it did come later in the day, but at 11 in the morning - the sky was clear and bright - I dusted off the Virago and headed for a corner coffee shop in St. Marys, 47 kilometers away from my front door. I parked near the town's main corner and, after ordering a dark roast, sat down at an outside table and surveyed the scene.

Journal entries:

   Men w Bikes drinking coffee

   pretty main st. w dozen or more 2 - 3 story
   bldgs all in a row, both sides

Jerry Seinfeld, creator of a very interesting online series called 'Comedians in Cars getting Coffee', would be delighted to know I'm going to follow in his footsteps and produce a high-concept series of posts featuring one man, his coffee and highly-entertaining thoughts about motorcycling. Someday I'll get to it and my fame will spread far and wide. Maybe even deep.

The trip to St. Marys and back is about a 100 km. loop and takes me through lovely, familiar countryside. The ride is a comfortable and short length, the town is pretty and the coffee is darn good. Try the loop yourself sometime. Drive north on Richmond (Highway 4) to Elginfield, hang a right and follow the signs.

Key journal entry:

   bike shifting smoothly, w more smooth top-end
   torque in each gear. "cleaning up"

After another two dozen rides, my bike's engine will have recovered from its three-year rest and I will be ready and raring to go the the East Coast. More about that later.

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