Tuesday, May 20, 2014

East Coast

Plans on Paper

I'm in fine shape. My motorcycle is in fine shape as well, runs like a top. So, all I have to do before I head to the East Coast is about 24-hours of planning, an hour here, an hour there, e.g., in Port Bruce or St. Marys over coffee.

In simplest terms I plan to ride from London to Halifax, Nova Scotia via PEI, then back home to London via Ottawa - in 17 days, sometime in June. The longer story is I have a bit of planning to do re the route, ride days vs rest days, things to do, people to see, places to sleep, favourite restaurants to revisit (from memories of my first trip to the East Coast in 2010), etcetera.

[The 'where' and 'when' are lined up, 80%
solid. 'Fredville' entry is lovely Fredericton"]

["In Fredericton: My walk from hostel to Isaac's Way
Restaurant will take me through an old graveyard"]

Easy kap-easy? In the main.

From experience I know a direct route to Halifax will be about 2,250 kilometres, and I must add approximately 350 more for the lovely side trip to PEI. So, already I know how much gas money to set aside in my bank account for my entire trip. (Note to self - pack debit card).

I also know how to get around Toronto and to Whitby via the 407, how to get to Trenton without relying solely on the 401, and how much time the trip through Prince Edward County and ferry ride at Glenora add to my first day's ride to Kingston. What I don't know is if Skeeter House, a private hostel in that historic and beautiful city, is still in business. (Note to self - call Skeeter).

["I like riding # 33, The Loyalist's Highway, through
Picton and entering Kingston via the back door"]

So, though much is already on paper, much needs to be done over the phone and online. 

And, quietly, in the background, I hear a clock ticking.

More to follow before I cast off.

["What city is represented here? And what about that circle?"]

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