Monday, May 5, 2014

Bird Watching

Cardinals Do Have a New Address

["Yup, the spruce there looks like a good spot, eh?"]

They've been a treat to watch for years. Now they're living right outside my study window.

For the last few years pairs of cardinals have nested in an apricot tree on my front lawn. My wife and I saw a pair examining the tree recently but, because spring has been delayed, the tree has no leaves or cover. So, no nest building is taking place out front.

["I'm mere seconds away from a reliable food source"]

However, I am happy to report - officially - a female cardinal busied herself yesterday by starting a nest in the blue spruce in the back yard (12 - 15 feet from my computer desk and cameras) and she continues to build today, with the help of a male escort.

Getting a picture of 'bird at work' has been very difficult because Mrs. C. moves so quickly: Into the tree. Onto a particular bough. A quick hop down and out of sight. Then out the back door. As soon as she leaves she is joined in flight by her mate and they disappear from view.

["Trust me. Mrs. C. is in there working!"]

["Finally. She stopped long enough for a quick snap.
 Then off she goes for more nesting material"]

I am resolved to get a better photo. And I will also keep the feeder stocked and walk about in the backyard quietly. 

Surely, more to follow.

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