Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My Morning Smile

Joe's Dock

No kidding. It was a lot of work. And I still have some aches and pains and slivers to prove it.

 ["Left to right: Son David in water, Richard (foreground), Joe, Gord"]

Joe lives next door to my son David in Fenelon Falls and - as I wrote in earlier posts - offered me a gold mine of old western cedar from his dock reno project. I accepted the wood and agreed to lend a hand when the new dock was under construction. A big part of the work took place last long weekend, Friday to Monday, and I'm just starting to walk smoothly again.

["Herring-bone pattern: We put it down quickly, every man with a job"]

["Trim work won't take long. Remnants of old dock below"]

We four men worked together (a father and son, a father and son-in-law), no cross words passed between us, a mountain of sandwiches and several packs of cold bevvies sustained us. We'll soon have a great spot to 'sit and sip' for the next thirty years.

I like short-term investments of energy with long-term payoffs. Don't you?

["David dries off while Joe and Richard shim
a block. I'm still looking for my pencil."]

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Jane said...

Poor Dave! What the heck was his job?? Brrrrr!

G. Harrison said...

Dave had to place a level on submerged blocks to see if they were even. Cold work.