Wednesday, May 21, 2014

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Triplex in a Good Spot

["One of my birdhouses (the top one) is safe in a good tree"]

This just arrived from a customer:


   I bought a birdhouse from you last fall at the McCormick
   Home bazaar and promised a picture once we had it installed.

   Well with the unusual weather we have had, my husband
   got it installed last week, now I have been told that it may
   take up to a year for someone to try it out.

   I'm sure we will enjoy watching for that to happen.


   Darlene and Bob P.

Well, as per usual, I had something to say in reply:

["Note to self - Build another log cabin triplex, maybe two more."]
   Hi Darlene,

   Thank you for the photos. Your husband has done a fine job
   placing the birdhouse securely to a good spot. Some birds are
   in the habit of raising 2 - 3 broods per season so you may yet
   have some luck this year.

   Well done!

   Gord H.

Stink. I shoulda asked for photos of their first arrivals. I'll write back later.

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Photos by DBP

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