Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Morning Smile

This Week is The Week

Every dog has its day. Then there's me - off in the wings - with the winning ticket.

 Last week the Chinese food my wife ordered was great, but the fortune cookie was even better. I can't tell you how eagerly I've been waiting for this week to begin.

Yesterday turned out great. I had to walk to the Fun and Fitness Club with a wonky umbrella (only 60 per cent efficient) but I walked out later fit as a fiddle and into the sunshine. The day only got better. I had leftover Chinese food for lunch and a full day of progress in the workshop. I played 'bad guy' with my grandson before supper and didn't put my back out. Later, the Habs beat Boston while I read a good book and pedalled 26 miles on the exercise bike. When I went to bed I slept like a baby.

["Darn you, Gord! You've beat me again!!"]

Today I woke up to a wet lawn so I don't have to cut the grass. My first cup of coffee is delicious and a squirrel is barking at me because it's stymied, and can't get into the bird feeder!

So far so good! May you all be so lucky.

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