Thursday, May 22, 2014

East Coast

'Skweeks House' Nailed Down (Almost)

["One night, Dorm room, upper bunk. Guy downstairs snored!"] 

I thought the girl's name was Skeeter - and mentioned her in an earlier post by that name - but I must have had her mixed up with somebody else. Skeeter Davis maybe? (As well, my first motorcycle trip to Halifax via Kingston, and 'Skeeter's House', was four years ago. I have irretrievably lost 16 per cent of my peripheral memories since that time).

Her name is Skweeks. And she, apparently, runs 'Skweeks House' in Kingston to this day.

This morning, while making a few of many plans that must be made before I head to the East Coast in early June, I looked online for 'Skeeter House' and found nary a word. Fortunately, I'm a pack rat and own a thick stack of receipts from my 2010 trip. I eventually found one for my first night's stay in an upper bunk in a hostel situated on the corner of Wellington and Lower Union, Kingston. Cool!

["Easy! Enter Kingston via King St. Exit via Ontario, to Gananoque"]

Within minutes I made a reservation for June 9 with three hopes: That the online information re Skweeks House is completely accurate and up-to-date. I will leave under sunny skies on the Monday after Gathering on the Green. And there's a lower bunk available with my name on it.

And where will I bunk for the other two weeks or more?

I'm workin' on it.

Photos from East Coast 2010

["My son Paul and I at Gathering on Green, 2010"]

["I packed my bike the next day. Overpacked, as usual!"]

["Can't go far without my TUMS"]

["First photo of Day 1 on the road. Bike started right up"]

["Skweeks House, at the corner of Wellington and Lower Union"]

["Mere blocks away is Kingston Brewing Co., for supper"]

["Last photo of Day 1, approx. 11 p.m. Curious item
prompted me to pull camera out of pocket. Ideas?"]

Link to East Coast

Photos by GH


The Witch said...

My guess, it's a boot scraper.
Don't see them very much anymore. It looks like someone could trip over this one in the dark and do some real damage.
Just lurking and really like your site so I thought I should tell you so.
Have a save trip.

G. Harrison said...

Thanks to The Witch for visiting. Boot scraper is correct. Horse dung once lined all public walkways. A book re 'garbage in New York' went into great detail re the depth and width of the piles.

Lurk at will. GH