Tuesday, July 1, 2014

East Coast Photo Files

Trip Day 4 - June 12, 2014

["New Brunswick, the land of trees and many hills and valleys"]

From Riviere du Loup, Quebec to Fredericton, NB

On June 12 I biked on 405 kilometres of chiefly good roads, a mix of the old and new Trans-Canada highways. I saw more trees, valleys and 'Watch for Moose' signs than there are stars in the sky on a clear night. But I didn't enjoy clear weather all the way to Fredericton, so good thing I carted rain gear in a saddle bag.

["The world's longest covered wooden bridge allows motorcycle traffic"]

["The bridge connects many highways and hurried me on to lovely Woodstock"]

I don't mind a bit of rain while riding as long as the face shield on my helmet stays relatively clean. And it did, with the help of an occasional hand swipe. With good highway directions at the ready I arrived at Northumberland St., Fredericton (and very friendly 'airbnb' accommodations) before supper time. After a quick change from riding to eating gear, I made my way to a favourite pub/restaurant where a good and long menu is guaranteed.

Pictures from along the way:

["South of Woodstock I donned my rain gear. Good timing, I say"]

["A pocket on a tank bag reveals daily directions... in code"]

["A wet but welcome walk stretched my legs before supper time"]

["I found my restaurant's new location at 649 Queen St."]

["Warning. Don't you be late for supper at Isaac's Way"]

Let it be said, I later slept like a rock in Fredericton.

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