Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Gordie Boy: "Always the life of the party"

I have been the life of parties since I was five years old, as the photo below reveals (taken at my oldest sister Lannie's 10th birthday party, Sept. 19, 1954, in Burgessville; my 5th birthday was one day earlier).

"Lookit my cool haircut," I said, and the girls gawked and laughed.

"My dad put a bowl over my head and cut it," I said. They laughed again. I had them eating out of my hand.

"Lookit how fast I can drink my juice," I said, and emptied my cup in a split second.

Older sister Dale (middle) was enthralled. Lannie (second from right) couldn't help but laugh. Carroll Butler from Norwich (far right), Lannie's close friend (to this day), had never seen anyone drink juice as fast.

Terry Brooks (left) from Burgessville wasn't immediately convinced I was the coolest kid in the village but I'm sure she did after I let go a good burp.

"Did you hear that, Terry? Did you hear that?"

Presenting the first of many brilliant lines from Gordie Boy.

Photo of old photo by GH 


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