Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Gordie Boy: "Score me a cake"

Yesterday (if you can believe what I said in a related post), I was the life of my sister's birthday party.

Today I see I'm celebrating my third birthday. Maybe it's my fourth. I was known to eat the candles.

That being said, lookit the big grin. That's me all over, smiling through the trials of life. Whereas my sister was allowed four guests at her party I was allowed one, i.e., my little brother Kim, and he doesn't even appear in the photo with me because he was afraid of the lit candles and ran to the far end of the playpen. Or maybe I pinched his little chubby fingers.

"Gitouttahere'causeit'smycake!Takemypicturetakemypicture!" I likely said to Ma.

Score one cake for Gordie Boy.

Photo of old photo by GH


59 years later I'm not as excited about birthdays. Why is that?

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