Friday, November 23, 2012

The Workshop: What to do with tobacco slats?

Tobacco slats are relatively straight pieces of wood and very dry. Kiln-dried, to be exact. And they look good as roof on a birdhouse. (Below: The sides are made from slats from a closet door).

Spruce fence boards (lovely leftovers) paint up nicely. Not much goes to waste (or up the chimney, so to speak).

Barn board (new and used) is easy to cut and assemble. Now, just a second coat of red paint is needed to make the trim shine on this pair (seen yesterday as bits and pieces).

What to do with leftover batten from 'board and batten' siding? Cut the strips into shorter lengths (four sizes needed per birdhouse) and assemble a log cabin. Yes, a roof will be added soon.

Busy times in the workshop.

Photos by GH


Have you made a birdhouse from rescued lumber? Let's see it.

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