Monday, November 26, 2012

The Workshop: "What to do with leftover battens"

Last week, once I'd used up the last tobacco slat (as a roof on a small birdhouse) I turned to my next task. I.e., to turn a pile of battens (from board and batten siding that came off my house four or five years ago) into something useful.

I already had a plan in mind. I adjusted the table saw and cut up a large pile of logs for birdhouse cabins. I'm sure local chickadees or finches will be impressed even though the cabins do not come with granite countertops or indoor plumbing.... yet! Oh, I'm thinking about it.

I'm also thinking about adding paint and trim. Maybe a telephone pole, front door and rain barrel. I mean, birds are getting pretty demanding these days.

Photos by GH


Do you have a log cabin birdhouse? Send me a peek.

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