Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rare Family Photos: “The Cattons celebrate their fiftieth”

Coincidence? Good luck? Money changed hands?

Last week I shared the above old photo of my great-uncle Arthur from Norwich, Ontario. During tough times his garden helped to feed close relatives who lived close-at-hand. One of the relatives was my mother and she later wrote a story about Arthur’s generosity.

And on Monday I was given the photo below. Amazing. It is great-uncle Arthur Catton and his wife, and it is the only original photo I possess of this kind-hearted couple. 

I learned that great uncle Arthur and his wife are celebrating their fiftieth wedding anniversary in their backyard. ("1894 - 1944" is written on the back of the picture and several flower baskets fill the foreground). I was also told which house on Main St. was theirs by someone who had known them.

I asked if I shared a family resemblance and was told I look more like another uncle who still lives in Norwich, my hometown. I’ll check on that after I grow out my moustache.

Photos by GH


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