Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Rare Family Photos: Dad and his lovely sisters

After serving two years of “Hostilities Only” with RCNVR, Dad came home from Europe in December, 1943. He arrived in Halifax upon the Aquitania and soon thereafter made his way to Norwich, Ontario by train to visit his mother and other family members.

He poses here with sisters Myrtle, Jessie and Gertie at the front of their mother Alice’s house on Spring Street. 

I recently sent the photo to Gertie’s daughter Joyce, my first cousin. Yesterday she wrote the following:

Hi Gord:

Oh yes, those were the days.  I remember that house on Spring St. and remember one Christmas all of us kids were sleeping up in the attic area.  I was with Maryalice and someone went on the roof and rang some jingle bells.  Don't remember my age, but we just knew Santa was on the roof.

My dad or any one of his three brothers may have played Santa and jingled a few bells for Joyce and other wee ones safe and snug in the attic. The brothers were quite used to clambering upon the roof (I recall a photo of the four boys applying new shingles to their mother’s roof). The Harrisons are a hard-working close-knit bunch most of the time and, in my opinion, take a good photo.

Photo by GH


Please show me your rare black and whites.

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