Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Combined Operations, WW2 - Reprint 1

Combined Operations by Clayton Marks

"The original will soon have a new life in London, Ontario"

Twenty-plus years ago Clayton Marks of London, assembled a book about the role of certain Canadians during World War 2, i.e., those who (like himself) had volunteered for service in the 'Wavy Navy' (Royal Canadian Navy Volunteer Reserve or RCNVR) and a little known organization called Combined Operations. While Clayton wrote or assembled material, his wife Jewell did the typing at their kitchen table, situated in a lovely home west of Wharncliffe Rd. between Springbank and Baseline. The book sold well at Navy reunions to other RCNVR and Combined Ops veterans and only a few copies of the first printing remain.

However, the book will soon be reprinted as a second edition and hopefully will find a home in a few local bookstores and be presented, in part, to a few local high school history classes. Once a final review of the new edition is complete, off to the printers it will go. Hurray, I say!

For a bit more information re Combined Ops link to Comox Navy Base, WW2

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DANIEL J. Cameron said...

Wow! I have been looking for info on our dad, James Edward cameron. He served on lcil 311 as Torpedo Coxswain. He passed away 37 years ago. Our mom is still with us. I would be thrilled to be able to purchase a copy of your book that deals with 311. Tel 16047155843.

G. Harrison said...

To Daniel Cameron, Sorry for the delay w response. The work associated w reprinting the book entitled "Combined Operations" by Londoner Clayton Marks continues. We are 2 - 3 months away from completion at this time. However, I can direct you to specific links re LCI(L) 311 on my website (1000 Men, 1000 Stories by G. Harrison) dedicated to the Canadians who served in the Combined Operations organization. Clayton Marks book inspired two more volumes, by other veterans of Comb. Ops., and one of them has notes by an officer on 311. Please send along an email address and I will pass along more details. I visit Comox in mid-May 2016, perhaps I can call you then as well. Respectfully, Gord Harrison, London