Friday, October 9, 2015

Long Road Back 8

Nobody Walks?

"I approve of walking for exercise and fitness"

The 'no walking' sign appears on Springbank Drive, and I must say that Don and I were walking along just fine when we passed it. We enjoyed a brisk pace and the occasional stop to speak to people doing curious things, e.g., measuring the girth of some local trees with a tape measure.

We left the pavement behind when we arrived at the entrance to Green Park, and followed gravel and wooden-plank walkways to a pond near Cove Rd. Very peaceful area. I recommend you walk through the park yourself, perhaps before a turkey dinner this weekend.

 "At 1PM Don and I set out to enjoy MM8"

 "We walked along Springbank Drive toward Green Park"

"The pond was quiet. Nobody walked the new pathways but Don and I"

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