Monday, October 12, 2015

Long Road Back 12

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Let's review:

On September 28 I started The Comeback, to a better fitness level - like when I was running and playing hockey in the fairly recent past - and I began to record my morning or afternoon 'fun and fitness' walks with new purpose and meaning. Yup, I had been letting my fitness slide and my pants were getting tighter. (Poor eating habits are also a factor to consider).

MM1 on the 28th signifies 'Miles and Mountains 1' was completed, a walk that was at least one hour in length and included a few of London's hilly hills. My first fitness goal is to complete 50 such walks before making another somewhat more challenging goal. Perhaps, for my second goal, I'll aim to include more hills in 50 more walks, or go farther or faster, and add a bit of jogging - say on the downhill side of a hilly hill - to the routine. Whatever the case may be, we'll see as we go, add a challenge or two as I go along without stretching my limits to the extreme.

Yesterday, October 11, at about 4:20 PM and under sunny skies, I completed MM12, a one hour and ten minute brisk walk to the dog park (west of Greenway Pollution Plant) via The Coves' and Greenway Park's pathways. I consider I've done pretty well for myself by finishing 12 hilly walks in 14 days. Why, I'm a regular Steady Eddie out there. After completing thirteen marathons and dozens of other road races during the past, I know the benefits of walking hills, gradually going longer distances at higher rates of speed. I also know, at age 66, I'm not going to become - at anytime in the future - the young, durable runner and hockey player I once was. Good thing too, because I don't have the time or motivation to maintain such a routine. But I do have the patience and energy to get out the door in order to reach MM50.

After that, we shall see what we shall see.

More to follow.


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