Monday, October 12, 2015

Long Road Back 12

Loverly Thanksgiving Weekend 2

"A wood-chip path meanders beside a pond at The Coves"

I left the house at 3:05 yesterday afternoon and followed my nose as far as the dog park west of Greenway Pollution plant. It was one aromatic adventure, to be sure. The prettiest parts were on a path maintained by Friends of the Cove (marked by a sign "Coves Swallowtail Grove") and a wood-chip path through Green Park beside a tranquil pond west of Wharncliffe Rd. Both are easily accessible by foot and provide walkers with many opportunities for quiet reflection.

I completed MM12 at 4:20 and shortly thereafter helped set the table for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. All the calories burned during the walk found their way back within the hour, I'm sure. Maybe more, thanks to Pumpkin Pie and Elk Tracks ice cream for dessert.

 "This shaded walkway leads from Springbank Dr.
to Greenway Park's bike path"

"I spotted two birdhouses near the loverly Coves' pathway" 

"Around 4PM I was on my way home for turkey dinner"

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