Monday, October 5, 2015

West Coast Trip 2012

Whistle Stop in Edmonton

"This is the last scene I snapped before
arriving in Edmonton, hours later"

Earlier this morning I was thinking about my first trip to Vancouver Island in 2012 (I returned this past May). What a great place to do research re the Combined Operations organization my father was a member of during WW2. And what a great train ride to get there. Today I post four photos related to the 10 minutes I spent outside the train in Edmonton. Chilly, bright day.

 "My first photo while stopped in Edmonton. Great train ride"

 "Edmonton wakes up while I try for a phone signal"

"This is the first photo I snapped after leaving Edmonton.
And what do I see exactly? I'll need help w the answer."  

Link to West Coast Trip 2015

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