Friday, October 23, 2015

PEI 2015 - Yippee! Road Trip 1

Yippee! Road Trip

"This is the label on Picaroons Yippee IPA, from Fredericton"

My youngest sister Jane and I recently drove a truck to PEI (a 4,000 km.-long round trip) to visit our oldest sister and pick up a wee bit of furniture. We enjoyed morning gabs around the kitchen table, long walks through beautiful farmland, fantastic scenery beside the Trans-Canada Highway, stopping for gas  and bathroom breaks in charming small towns and rediscovering classic photos of significant family members.

 "On the road from Oct. 13 - 20. My bum is still sore"

 "A storm brews on the east coast of PEI. Snow fell the next day"

 "View of the Saint John River in New Brunswick"

 "My younger son Paul sports a distinctive hair style, early 1990s"

"We gassed up in Nackawic, N.B. Clean bathrooms!"

All in all, the mini-vacation in PEI was one fine road trip.

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