Friday, October 9, 2015

Long Road Back 9

Downtown, Then a Day Off

"Oct. 8 is blank but was not a wasted day!"

I had a lovely brisk walk to downtown London on Wednesday, Oct. 7, and then, next day, I took time off. After all, motorcycle weather is drying up, so when I feel the time is right I head toward Lake Erie on two wheels. And yesterday I was rewarded with a pleasant surprise.

I stopped at a familiar curve just west of Pt. Bruce to snap a few pictures and while walking toward a cliff's edge I stepped on a patch of earth littered with hundreds of small nuts. Why, I hadn't seen such a harvest since I was a kid. Do you recognize the type of nut?

"Pt. Bruce is just up ahead"

 "My dad described hickory nuts as 'Slim Pickens'"

"My tank bank is filled w nuts and notes"

My dad and I gathered hickory nuts at a site two miles north and west of Norwich many years ago. I can recall the exact spot. Maybe my next motorcycle ride will be to that location, just to see if a particular hickory tree survives.

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