Friday, October 9, 2015

Motorcycle Miles - Nuts For All!

Hickory Nuts and Slim Pickens

"My bike is barely visible in the shade of the Hickory tree"

This next paragraph will date me.

I parked under a tree on Thursday, walked to a nearby cliff's edge, and while doing so stepped on dozens of small nuts. Ha! I knew what type too - Hickory nuts. My dad took me to a certain spot near Norwich a few times when I was ten or under to gather such nuts and he told me they were 'good eating', and that they were also a bit of work because of their small size. He must have said, "Slim pickings" or something like that : ) because I can't think of Hickory nuts without thinking of country music.

 "Trees in Pt. Bruce are just starting to turn"

"Gulls have the best view of the channel"

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