Saturday, October 3, 2015

Long Road Back 4

Walking With Don

"West exit from Thames Park. Nice hill"

I pick the general route and friend Don picks topics of conversation. We walk at about a 3 mile per hour pace for 60 minutes and that's fine by me as we wind our way through Old South and - sometimes, whenever it meets our fancy - the edges of downtown London, e.g., through Harris Park, over Blackfriars Bridge, along Wharncliffe Rd.

"Steady as she goes"

Don mentioned on Thursday that perhaps we should power walk at a certain speed for a certain distance. I recommended the track behind Westminster S.S. on Baseline Rd. Today we may give it a try, and raise a little dust. (Insert laugh track here).

Whatever works works for me as I power forward toward MM50 and beyond to higher goals.

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