Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Long Road Back 23

A Swell October

"Still going steady!"

MM23, my 23rd 'Miles and Mountains' hour-long walk since starting 'the comeback', was a good one. Don and I both commented on the brisk nature of our physical efforts and personalities. Join us sometime. You'll see what I mean : ) When making a note in my desk calendar I noticed MM23 was also my 20th walk in October. I feel that if I can complete about 20 fitness walks each month for the next twenty years, I'll really have something to brag about. Right now it's 'early days'. Tune in once again in 2035, see how I'm doing.

"When it's bad outside I can go for a good bike ride inside"

According to today's news on the radio, the weather will be messy for awhile, due to windy, rainy conditions brought on by Hurricane Patricia. I may therefore ride my exercise bike for a couple of hours  later in the day, and push it hard for 60 seconds every five minutes or so, to adequately take the place of my brisk walking routine, including the hilly bits. Neither sleet nor hail nor snow nor Patricia will keep me from my appointed rounds, I say.

As well, during one of my recent walks, I broke into a slow jog on occasion (I wanted to get to a Knights' hockey game before opening face-off), and a thought occurred to me about what to add to the next round of 50 fitness walks... the Harrison Shuffle. Faster than walking. Slower than just about anything else associated with jogging or running.

Stay tuned for more exciting details as they develop.

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