Friday, October 23, 2015

PEI 2015 - Yippee! Road Trip 2

Boats and Birdhouses on the Island

If I spot a boat I usually think the following:

I want that boat. And here's what I'd do with it. I'd park it somewhere on the water (say, Big Otter Creek in Port Burwell, not far from the town's Red and White Grocery Store) and I'd turn it into my summer retreat. I'd BBQ a steak now and again and dream about faraway places, like Long Point.

 "Perfect combo. A summer retreat and a workshop!"

If I spot a good-looking birdhouse (oh, they're everywhere), I usually snap a picture with plans to modify the design a wee bit and produce one or two myself. Over the years I've produced a thousand or more birdhouses, and I'm not done yet. I sure like that middle one!

 "Admittedly, this one needs a few repairs"

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