Monday, October 26, 2015

Long Road Back, Week 4

SUPER Important Conclusions

"Good long walk yesterday toward Springbank Park"

'The Comeback' has come to the end of its fourth full week and records show I have completed 21 brisk, long walks* that have included (for the most part) a goodly number of miles (3 - 4) to increase my stamina and some hills along the way to increase my leg strength. Why, at this rate I shall likely be considered super human in just a few more years. (Hmmm. Not a bad goal! Let me write that down. SUPER HUMAN.)

I think I did pretty good to get out for five walks this week, because I was on the road on Monday and Tuesday (driving home from PEI) and had a full schedule during the rest of the week. I also had a shock on Thursday when, during a physical exam, I noticed that my weight (164 lbs. with shoes off) placed me in a somewhat risky category on a BMI chart. Why, I'd better start eating better foods, like apples for breakfast, rather than Honey Nut Cheerios.

 "Lovely spot to make the turn for home. Water fountain, SE corner"

 "Five good walks in a row, Wednesday - Sunday"

 "I miss my Cheerios already!"

"If you know where this BH is, you must be out walking too"

When I was a marathoner I didn't think or worry about calories. I guess I'd better - at the very least - start thinking about them... a few at a time.

*MM21 indicates my 21st walk, including Miles and Mountains, i.e., at least one-hour's worth of miles and a few good hills.

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