Tuesday, October 27, 2015

PEI 2015 - Yippee! Road Trip 4

Future Grand Tours

"Somewhere from along the long highway"

One week ago today I was bombing home from PEI. Tuesday, October 20 - 1,000 kilometers. From Auberge du LouLou in Charny (opposite Quebec City, south side of the St. Lawrence) to London. Since that time I've been looking at my photos (90% were taken while on the highway, 40% while driving) and thinking about future trips to the East Coast.

 "Somewhere else from along the long highway"

 "Picaroons Yippee IPA, brewed in Fredericton, is worth the search"

"Auberge du LouLou, 6AM. Sweet stop. I shall return"

I believe I have the time and energy for one more grand motorcycle adventure to Halifax and back, with a pit stop on PEI. And I surely have the motivation to drive East by car or travel by rail, and spread the travel over four - five days in order to soak in the magnificent scenery and visit friends, family, and several familiar hostels along the way. 'Go slow and enjoy the view' will be my motto on each future grand tour.

See you then.

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