Sunday, December 1, 2013

Next stop - Montreal (3)

With a couple of small photographs guiding me, I've been spending part of my time in the shop this week painting and assembling a birdhouse (BH) destined for a Montreal suburb. My red plus black paint mix (incl. a titch of maple stain) looks like a satisfactory match to the real thing and a collection of accessories will hopefully produce the desired result -  a happy customer.

["The closest white item is a platform and collar, to
support BH atop a metal pole (not seen here)"]

["Side porch is a pleasant focal point. Railings needed?"]

["The hinge is perfect for a BH destined for Montreal. Oui?"]  

While adding the small windows to the front of the BH, I realized its appearance was noticeably changing. Instead of a large blank wall staring at me, what looked like a robot-like face appeared. In my opinion, the big eyes and toothy grin are in the photograph as well.

["Is a robot grinning at me?"]

["I think the semi has the same robot features!"]

["Okay, back to the porch. Railings may be next!"]

But what can one do? Maybe just focus on the side porch and bird's entrance. To help with that notion, I may add railings to the porch, so people will say, "Look at that fine, detailed porch" instead of "I see a monster, Mommy!"

Then I pack it up, make a phone call and charge a fair price.

Want to weigh in on the price, including platform, collar (seen in white paint, first photo) and pole? (E.g., I'd like to hear a million dollars and get your order.)

Photos by GH


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