Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Workshop: "it kinda pays for itself"

I don't mind paying for good lumber for certain projects. Western cedar fence slats - from a local lumber yard - are perfect for bird feeders and Home Depot barn board can be turned into bat houses within an hour's time.

That being said, I especially like it when a friend or neighbour drops off used lumber from a house reno. Authentic, old lumber with obvious signs of wear is my all-time favourite wood.

["Gord; Picked up on my travels" Thank you!!]

A few days ago a fellow dropped off a bundle of slats once used in lathe and plaster walls. I was given enough slats to built 3 - 4 rustic birdhouses or compliment 6 - 8 others. And I can hardly wait to open the bundle. Just the feel of the old slats gets my mind a-working.

I know, I gotta get a life, but when somebody asks about my time in the workshop and how it's going, I like saying it kinda pays for itself.

As long as I can keep the door open I'll be happy.

Photo by GH


Please click here to read more from The Workshop (featuring purchased western red cedar from Home Depot, barn board from Handley Lumber in Fenelon Falls and red paint from Home Hardware).

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