Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Workshop: "no, this is the last project, 2013" (2)

["A birthday gift for Reg. He knows what it is"]

On Boxing Day, while some people were shopping for the latest and cheapest deal at their local malls, I was in the workshop boxing up a metal plate that I'd removed from my dining room's baseboard after lunch.

The very last bit of that job involved tapping four 1/2-inch nails into place, to hold two thin strips of wood down that said 'a small handful of people in the world know what this is... and Reg W. is one of them. gah 2013'. Some will look at the project and wonder what Reg - and a few others - know about furnaces that they don't.

["The plate held two chains that controlled temperature"]

From my FB page:

     Margeaux Collyer (writes) The two tunnels on the
     mount act as "guides" for chains which regulated air
     flow to and from the furnace. Me thinks!

Smart cookie that Margeaux. Pull one chain or the other - connected to levers in the basement - to control draft and flow. 

Reg told me about it one night a few years ago. He is a 'modern' man and wins a prize.

Photos by GH

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