Friday, December 27, 2013

The Workshop: "no, this is the last project, 2013"

I was wrong. What I said would be the last shop project for 2013 turned out to be second last. Before a friend's birthday party began I found I had two hours to spare in the shop.

Bingo. I built a wee frame for a Modern Furnace baseboard plate.

["A small handful of people in the
world know what this is..."]

["and Reg Watson is one of them" gah]

The party started at 4 PM. I arrived 15 minutes later with two nicely wrapped gifts.

Photos by GH

Q1: Do you know what function the plate served?

Q2: Do you know what special item was served at the party and how many I ate?

A1: I'm also part of the small handful and I'm not telling... yet.

A2: Asparagus in a blanket. 104.

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