Friday, November 6, 2015

Four Barnboard Birdhouses

The Last of the Season?

I will likely lock up the workshop earlier this year than last, because some writing projects are pressing toward the front of the line. And because I have just about run out of 'gray on both sides' barnboard from Fenelon Falls, this set of four will likely be the last birdhouses of this type for 2015. (I'd like to build 1 or 2 more classy, rustic duplexes before the snow flies and buries the backyard.)

I include the measurements because after modifying the dimensions over this past BH building season, I feel I have it just about perfect. That being said, readers' comments are welcome, w suggestions.

 "The sides allow 1/2-inch space for airflow into the house"

 "Two will have gray roofs, the others will be painted"

I used a 1 and 3/8-inch bit for the holes and made sure the hole was drilled about six inches above where the floor or base would be. Today I will assemble Number Four and take two (with clear lumber on the roofs) indoors for painting. Soon, I will be adding the trim and perches.

Stay tuned.

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