Monday, November 9, 2015

Long Road Back 32

Six Weeks Walking

"Good weather means 'make hay while the sun shines'"

My 'great Canadian comeback' is well underway, in my humble opinion. I've completed 32 vigorous walks during the last six weeks (that's 5.33 long walks per week on average, for those who love stats), and I'm pretty sure I will be able to continue this healthy endeavour well into the future. Why, one day you may see me shuffling along in expensive runners, whistling a happy tune, looking like the standard for fitness for all folks of my generation.

"Wow. Two long walks on Friday!"

So well known will be 'The Comeback' that some observers will say, "He's doing the Harrison Shuffle."

Because the overall goals of my new fun and fitness routine are less well known - even to me - some may wonder, "Is he training for a 5K roadrace, the Hamilton 'Around the Bay' 30K race in 2017 or his (gasp) 14th marathon?"

And no one will be able to answer.

That being said, I'm getting out on the trails regularly and feeling better for it. And when I complete MM50 (the 50th long walk that includes 3 - 4 miles distance and a few mountains or hilly bits along the way) I'll move on to my next, slightly more strenuous goal.

Stay tuned. Anything could happen.

Link to Long Road Back 27

Photos by GH


Christine Montgomery said...

Go, Gord, go!

G. Harrison said...

Thank you, Christine. Your encouragement means a lot, since no one should ever attempt The Great Canadian Comeback without friends in their corner, pots of oatmeal on the stove and colour coordinated running wear. It's a long way back but I know the way!