Monday, November 30, 2015

Keep Going 4

Busy Times in November

"I'm about as energetic as The Green Hornet. Bzzzzzz!"

November: I've been trying to slow things down in the workshop. I've been trying to ramp things up in the writing department. And I've been walking the streets regularly for 'fun and fitness' along with completing other household and miscellaneous duties. November - busy.

That being said, I've been setting and hitting positive goals. I wanted to slow things down in the workshop earlier than in past years and I'm doing so. I lock up in one week. I've wanted to spend more time tending to writing related to my father's WW2 experiences and I'm doing so (at 'Canadians in Combined Operations, WW2' by G. Harrison). And in the fun and fitness department, related to making The Great Canadian Comeback, all is well there too. I felt pretty sturdy after walking for 2 hours and 30 minutes yesterday.

 "Fifteen consecutive walks in 14 days. Pretty full schedule, I say"

"Showing off my sturdy legs at Wonderland Gardens yesterday"

Will December be as busy? How could it not be!!

Play safe everybody and have a great December too.

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