Friday, November 27, 2015

Keep Going 1

Goal Number 2

"Yesterday was turn-around day. MM50 to KG60"

So, I've got my new goal related to not only my fun and fitness routine but The Great Canadian Comeback. I've been trying to stay fit since I was 12 (for various reasons, all likely related to 'trying to keep up' or get ahead of the next guy) but shortly after I turned 66 ("Good grief! I really am a Senior Citizen of Canada! Aaaaaahhhh!!) I decided to step up the pace I'd been setting since 2006, the year I dropped out of long distance running and marathoning.

Since that time I've also dropped out of hockey (back issues) and taken up the habit of eating everything on my large plate and more. Back in September, after my birthday and three slices of chocolate cake, I sensed I'd grown lackadaisical and planned my turn-around Goal Number 1 was born. MM50. Fifty one-hour walks. Miles and Mountains.

"I aim for hilly bits on a regular basis"

I finished MM50 on Wednesday and started KG60 yesterday. Keep Going. Sixty walks at least one hour and fifteen minutes in length with a few other well-thought-out 'add-ons'. (See yesterday's post).

All I can say is, I'm up for this!

Link to Long Road Back 50

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