Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Long Road Back 49

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

"A roller-blader gets in his workout. Well done, I say"

So, I've been thinking about my next fun and fitness goal. It must be within my limits, enjoyable, with the capacity to 'get me out the door', prepare me for the next goal farther down the road, and make a decent cup of coffee. On second thought - it doesn't have to be some miracle worker, just fit in with what I've done and where I'm going.

What I've done: After today, MM1 - MM50. That is, 50 walks that were at least one hour in length and focussed, many times, on hilly routes to built strength (muscle) along with stamina (endurance). Why, you should see me go! I walk along at a pretty good clip and don't feel exhausted at the end of the hour (or more).

Where I am going: At the very least, out the door 50 - 60 more times with a slightly more demanding resolution while wearing coloured co-ordinated outdoor wear. Specifics to follow.

 "Eleven walks in ten days in a row. Not bad at all!"

 "The roller blader went one way, a jogger went the other" (Spot her?)

 "During Sunday's long walk I was watched by aliens!"

"Hello Human. Such sturdy legs you have!"

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