Monday, November 16, 2015

It Strikes Me Funny - The NEXT Big Thing

Fruit Loops? 3D Glasses? Hop Scotch?

It won't be the Hoola Hoop. It won't be plaid bell bottoms. It won't be platform shoes, a Beatles reunion tour or 4D movies. Impossible.

The NEXT Big Thing will very likely be in the form of book entitled The GREAT CANADIAN COMEBACK by none other than a little guy in Old South London who is actually doing just that - making an astonishing comeback from who knows (no one really knows...) how far back.

"How does he do it? No one can tell!"

Why, just yesterday - making it look just as easy as you please (although it's really not) - he walked for two hours in Springbank Park, and that's after taking his last, exhausting, motorcycle ride of the year. Why, HERCULEAN doesn't come close to describing his efforts on an almost daily basis to complete 'The Great Canadian Comeback'.

On sale soon in really high end bookstores near you.

: )

Be there. Be square.

Link to Long Road Back 38

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