Monday, November 16, 2015

Gord's Last Ride for 2015 - 1

Port Bruce - Sunday, November 15

"I'm two miles west of Port Bruce. Looks like a wet day on the pier" 

This three- or four-part series of photographs from Port Bruce (and along the way) will likely contain some of the finest 'Port Bruce photos' one has ever seen, because yesterday was a perfect day, not only to take my last bike ride of the 2015 motorcycling season, but for taking photos. Bright skies, clean air, no skeeters. (Skeeters make me all jiggly).

 "I've almost got the place to myself"

"A wet and windy day on the Port Bruce Pier"

So, stay tuned.

Link to Gord's Last Ride? Port Bruce 2015 (2)

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