Thursday, November 19, 2015

Specialty Birdhouse - PEI Lumber 4

Welcome to The Rustic Manor!

This model, with roof angled at 45 degrees, may become the 'go-to' model for me whenever I purchase or rescue a load of gray barnboard.


Faces (front and back) 11" high x 10" wide
If 5-inch wide lumber is used, solid braces can be secured on the inside.
Sides - 5.5" high and 6.25" wide
Base - 12" long and 10" wide
Roof slats - 9.5" long, 8.25" width
I cut three slats per side (the widest was 3"), then covered each side with battens and edging.

"Don't throw out your wooden spoons. Call me!" : )

One more task, related to the wooden spoon - coming up.

Stay tuned.

Link to PEI Lumber 3

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