Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Long Road Back 27

Steady Eddie?

"MM27 included a hike beside the river in Lindsay"

I was somewhat forced to take a break from the walking action over the last few days due to the fact my muscle power was needed elsewhere, i.e., I left town and helped my son move into a new house in Lindsay. So, though I completed six walks last week, from Sunday to Saturday (I have counted moving day as a walk day - MM26 - because I did in fact walk the equivalent of a few miles while carrying heavy loads), I feel I'm behind schedule so far this week.

"Can I be a Steady Eddie for the rest of this week?"

"Downtown Lindsay displays a wee bit of significant history"

However, if I can walk like Steady Eddie for the next few days and include a long walk on Saturday, I will feel like I've had some success. That being said, I just now realized I recently passed the halfway point of my first goal related to making 'The Comeback' - to complete 50 hour-long walks that include some huffing and puffing up hills.

Hey, that's somethin'!

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