Sunday, November 15, 2015

It Strikes Me Funny - Belmont, Nov. 8, 2015

Surprise, Surprise!

"A nondescript diner between two other nondescript properties"

I pass through Belmont on my way from London to the north shore of Lake Erie (99% of the time on my motorcycle) dozens of times per year. But it was only in the last month I noticed a small but seemingly busy restaurant tucked between two other buildings on the village's main drag.

"Future pit-stop?" I wondered at one time, but I never stopped in to see what the climate was like in there.

Until last Sunday. Pat and I , on our way home from a very pleasant Sunday drive to Port Bruce, stopped out front of 'Belmont Town Restaurant', checked our watches and appetites - we were on time for Sunday brunch, from 10 - 2 PM - and after snapping two pictures from across the street we ventured inside.

Surprise, surprise!

What did we see? A very small town family-operated and family-centred restaurant that's only open Saturdays and Sundays. The family is Greek but serves up Canadian-style (huuuuuuge, wiiiiiide) brunches for about 11 dollars per bottomless plate, incl. coffee, excl. tax (our bill was under $25, so do the math) in a very friendly atmosphere. The decor is not a finished or polished feature of the restaurant but the staff and food are great.

Before we left, at about 2 PM, the trays of food for the afternoon crowd were being placed at their stations. My Gosh!! Huuuuuuge and wiiiiiide does not begin to describe the selection.

Visit once and you'll agree, it will be on your radar for life. Just remember, at some point one has to push away from the table with enough strength to drive home!

"Treasure Island in Belmont" (Enter right of straggly plant, centre)

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Christine Montgomery said...

I will definitely check that out sometime in the near future! :-)

G. Harrison said...

The decor and food are opposites. The family members are minimalists when it comes to wall art. Calories - and how one can pile them on - are 'to the max'! Go after a long walk or run, I say.