Saturday, November 7, 2015

Marissa Gold Loves Cereal. Do You?

The Next Form of Advertising?

Marissa Gold - Cast Photo at The Good Wife

On a recent episode of 'The Good Wife', Marissa Gold (Eli Gold's daughter) asked Alicia Florrick if she had any cereal during a conversation in Alicia's kitchen. Alicia got out a bowl and handed her a box of cereal. Marissa proceeded to pour, then eat the cereal during the actors' TV dialogue. I thought, smooth move, Exlax.

Product placement is easy to spot and it happens all the time. But how often have you heard someone ask for a product in such a subtle manner, in a way that doesn't advance the plot but clearly furthers the interest of Sluggo, the CEO of some flagging US industry?

"How come I'm always eating cereal now?" 

CEO: How much do I have to pay to not just place the product in the scene but get a character to actually ask for it?

This Viewer: I want to hear the dialogue without watching Marissa eat cereal like snack food.

Pass the Omega-3 and stay tuned.

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