Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Gord's Last Ride, 2015 - 2

Along the Way and back - 360 Degrees 

"Behind me, a favourite curve (and barn) south of Belmont"

Someday my children and grandchildren will find my blog/archive of photos and short stories and wonder why I aimed my bike toward Port Bruce 9 times out of 10 every riding season.

Partial answer: Rugged beauty. Good coffee at Corner View Cafe, formerly The Beach Hut. The lure of Lake Erie and youthful memories from the 1960s. Who will wistfully recall the great cheese burgers served up at The King's Cupboard (long, long gone!) if I don't? The ride there and back, including coffee and superb BLT, has a price tag under $15, well within my level of tolerance. Come on, how can I refuse?

 "Planes on my right, adjacent to Quaker Rd., north of Sparta"

 "Yamaha parked on Dexter Line, leading toward Port Bruce"

"Ahead is Mapleton, then Belmont, on my way home to London"

I've said the following more than a few times during the last ten years of riding motorcycles: "It's as close to flying a plane as I'll ever get."

From the cockpit, a rider sees more landscape, hears more of an engine's roar, feels more vibration and external forces -even smells more - than someone driving a car or truck. The combination of sights, sounds, air pressure and natural aromas provides me with quite the experience. The 'lure of the motorcycle' is a real and captivating thing. 

More to follow.  

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