Wednesday, July 17, 2013

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Several years ago I assembled a set of 8 birdhouses from pine boards I'd taken off my house during a reno. I made four singles and four matching duplexes, half of which - all singles - found homes quickly. The duplexes have been gathering dust ever since, and I think it's because the holes are too small.

["One-inch holes are fine for wrens, but not in a duplex"]

So, today I'll try to fix that problem and it will include trying to figure out how to take nails out without breaking the house into small pieces!

["With larger holes, chickadees and sparrows may use it"]

One more thing on the long to-do list but, as a friend always says - to the tune of 'If I Had a Hammer' - "for every problem there is a solution."

Photos by GH


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