Friday, July 19, 2013

the shop: work is piling up

I don't know where the energy comes from but some days I just keep going. Yesterday, in spite of a heat wave (I just waved back), I cut and sanded lumber for several hours, then placed birdhouse stock all in a long row before calling it quits. I think having a large fan - on full blast - near the workbench really helps.

["Eight barn board houses all ready for assembly"] 

Small, medium, large, extra large. Two of each, aka singles, duplexes, triplexes and quads. If it looks like a lot of lumber, it is, and that's without the bits and pieces required to complete the ever-popular full-on trim package.

["Single birdhouses, minimum 7 pieces each"]

["Quads, about 30 pieces each before trim"]

Today I will make the pile disappear by assembling the houses, adding trim and carting them off to waiting shelves in the basement... and by keeping the fan on 'High'!

Photos by GH


Please click here to view western red cedar tall boys

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