Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ollie and Me: "That is incredible!"

Ollie begins Grade 2 in September and will turn 7 before the new year. And already he amazes me with his awareness and vocabulary, much like my own : )

Yesterday I biked to Labatts Park with Ollie in a trailer, and he talked all the way. "Why is there a fountain in the river? Can we bring bird seed back for the ducks? (And about the numerous signs near the park...) Why do people love Blackfriars?"

When we reached the park I showed him the lovely ball diamond. I told him the hot dogs at a Majors game cost $3 and were better than mine (and Ollie really loves Grandpa's Gourmet Dogs). He said he'd like to watch a game some time soon. It's now on my list.

["Two adults and a young one?"]

["Whatever the case, magnificent birds near the mighty Thames"]

Then I pointed out the resident osprey on its nest atop a light standard and he was enthralled. As if on cue - for Ollie's benefit - one bird launched itself into flight and circled the field several times.

"That is incredible!" said Ollie, with genuine enthusiasm.

The little guy made my day.

Photos by GH


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