Friday, November 24, 2017

Walkn in the U.S.A. (4)

Stop at Stan's for 3 LB. 'Dreamsicle Bar'

[Photo: Okay, it might only be two pounds]

I'm weak.

But I'd been walking a long way and felt I deserved a break. So, Paul and I popped into Stan's Donuts for coffee, and while I stirred in a touch of brown sugar I thought about The Dreamsicle Bar I'd seen in the display window seconds earlier.

"I know, it's huge," I said to myself. "You'll have to walk a long way to burn off just half of those calories. Like, all the way to Little Italy."

It seemed like a reasonable compromise at the time.

Photos from along the way:

 "Hey, I just walked off half a Delicious Bar. Only 4 more miles to go."

 Breakfast at Tiffany's

 The Peacock Door at The Palmer House Hilton

 We should have packed our skates.

 Worth 10 bucks U.S.? The half-pint, setting and atmosphere - priceless.

From one of my favourite places to sit in Chicago.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Walkn in the U.S.A. (3)

And Toobn.

[Photo: Paul and Gord liked their SHORT trip to Chicago]

We covered a lot of miles on foot while in The Windy City but when walkn wasn't an option we did some toobn. 

Photos from along the way:

We stretched our legs every morning.

Look up, way up, in the Cultural Center

106 metal figures near S. Michigan, crafted in Poland (Link to Agora)

Window detail at a south Chicago English-style pub.

"So, where to this afternoon?" "The Blue Line!"

The Blue Line leads to the airport but we got off in Wicker Park, a lovely, walkable part of Chicago - loaded with points of interest. The Map Room was (is) one of my favourites.

We found it! The Map Room (behind me) - best maps ever! 

Walkn or toobn, lots to see in Chicago.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

Walkn in the U.S.A. (2)

Early to Late Snaps.

Son Paul and I landed in Chicago last Monday, before noon. Once off the train we adjusted our backpacks, left Central Station and immediately started walkn south on Canal toward Roosevelt.

Paul had two destinations in mind before we checked into Essex Inn. Whole Foods (for solids) and Binny's (liquids).

1st Chicago photograph, "Historic Hall", for son David, firefighter.

We walked, tubed and bused Chicago until Saturday - toured the town and experienced (and relished) but 1% of what it offers the curious visitor - and arrived home early Sunday morning almost flat broke, with a few good stories to tell.

Like the time I met cousin Glenn Harrison at Jolly Pumpkin Pub in South Chicago. At first sight, we didn't think we were related. But, we got along very well, laughed at the same jokes, swapped business cards, and agreed to stay in touch.

Where's Waldo?

 Waldo wore a red jacket. Paul is lower right.

 My next house?

 Detail re two stairways. The slot (low, left of centre) is the first step down.

 "Dad, should we go in?" "Yes, just to check out the tin ceiling" ; )

Batman lives in Chicago?

Recommendations: Walk Chicago when possible. Visit Cultural Centre opposite Millennium Park.

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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Walkn in the U.S.A.

Have Fun, Will Travel.

[Photo: Destination Known. The Wall spells it out]

Paul and I came up with a plan.

Plan: Go west. Walk, tube, bus, and Uber to various parts of a big, brash, fascinating, rough-edged American city.

All in all, we got around Chicago with relative ease and saw what we bargained for, in good supply.

Early recommendations: Walk around The Bean. Grab lunch at Macy's.

Under The Bean. Find Gord's red coat.

More to follow.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Port Bruce - October 22, 2017 (2)

Last Chance May be October 29.

[Photo: I say, "Come on in. The water's fine.... i.e., brisk!"]

One more dip before November? It's possible. 

Posted signs tell me The Corner View Cafe closes on October 29. Last chance for me to sit on my favourite corner with coffee, BLT and Key Lime ice cream, this year. So, if next Sunday is above ten degrees, away we go.

Photos from along the way:

Who wouldn't want to return.... for Key Lime cones at the very least?!

This is my favourite barn, and future home and workshop if 
Pat wins the lottery and wants to move to the country. : )

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Muskrats Prep for Winter (2)

Furry, Little (?) Creatures!

[Photo: Heading south, right under my feet]

When the muskrats heard my footsteps on the bridge over their heads, they would 'bottom up' and disappear into the murky depths of Edgeware Creek. But because the creek is not very deep, they would soon reappear, not far away.

When I stood still with the camera, they went about their business, which seemed to involve swimming about, visiting one another under bushes near the creek bank, and more swimming about.

Just a second before it 'bottomed up'. Bloop!

I shall return, if weather allows.

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